There are several reasons why launching PUP-A-LOT was so important, but perhaps the most personal reason, was the belief that all pets should lead a happy healthy life. Unfortunately this is not always the case. In fact, there are some places that are so horrific for the life of a pet that it would keep you up at night, and it has.

This is why we are determined to help stop the gruesome dog meat trade worldwide and prevent the unspeakable suffering endured before these poor dogs are so brutally slaughtered. It is a nightmare that no creature should have to experience and we are desperate to help stop it. With every purchase made on PUP-A-LOT, we will fully support and will donate substantial profits to the following two charities who are fighting to stop it.

The Humane Society International and No Dogs Left Behind

Like many, I personally get emotionally drained when watching any more images and videos of these animals suffering, I find it difficult to function knowing this is happening, but we can’t just look away, we have to do something to stop it.

To further help these organizations and stop the slaughter, please visit:

No Dogs Left Behind and The Humane Society International

 “Doing good for your dog means, we can do some good for all dogs

Alexandra Collard, PUP-A-LOT Founder